Job opportunities for Greek nationals Evolution

Αγαπητά Μέλη και Φίλοι,

λάβαμε το παρακάτω μήνυμα αναφορικά με διαθέσιμες θέσεις εργασίας που αφορούν ελληνόφωνο προσωπικό.

Good afternoon,

I would like to get in touch with a Job opportunities for Greek nationals! No previous experience required, we provide full training and secure career.

This is the link for the Job description and where to apply:

Evolution offers:

  • A competitive salary
  • Relocation package including flights & accommodation for the first 20 nights in Malta
  • Monthly performance bonuses
  • Free night shift taxi service to & from the studio
  • Free gym membership
  • Individual development and career progression opportunities
  • Opportunities to attend entertainment, make-up, modelling, healthy living, presentation skills, industry knowledge, and communication workshops

They can refer also other family members and friends in Greece!

Evolution is looking forward to having more Greeks in the team ❤

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