Lecture on ancient Greek tragedy

Senior University lecturer Mario Frendo to deliver lecture

After nearly two years of online lectures and Zoom calls, the Malta Classics Association will be holding its first live lecture on Friday.

Entitled Ancient Greek Tragedy as Performance: Orality and Musicality, the lecture will explore and investigate the musical and oral traditions of fifth-century Greece, with a view to a deeper understanding of Greek tragedy.

It will be delivered by Mario Frendo, a senior lecturer with the Department of Theatre Studies at the School of Performing Arts, University of Malta. His academic interests include contemporary opera-making, music-theatre theories and practices, relationships between performance and philosophy particularly Nietzsche’s performative perspectives, and the impacts of musical and oral traditions on the development of ancient Greek tragedy.

Wine will be served throughout the event.

The lecture is being held on Friday, November 5, at the Carmelite Priory, Villegaignon Street, Mdina, at 6.30pm. Social distancing is to be maintained, masks are to be worn at all times and there will be temperature checks on entry. For more information, contact the Malta Classics Association by e-mail at [email protected]. Follow the association on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with future public lectures and new courses.

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